Official release day is finally here! Some of you got pre-orders and have already heard the vinyl, some of you found the leaked files, some of you streamed the album, but now the album is officially out. As the press continue to grind through it for their content mill I want to just say that this isn’t a chronicle of my life during last year. This album is about love and music and the world we live in right now. I wrote these songs about you, not about me. It’s not really a navel gazing record, it’s about celebration and the weird truth. I really believe that creativity has a psychic role to play in some kind of revolution and I’m convinced the ruling class isn’t scared of things like terrorism or fundamentalism, they’re scared of things like unity and empathy and lateral thinking. And that’s what I wanted to make an album about. But anyway I hope these jams make you happy and give you power. Peace!




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