Today we’ve released a new single off Multi-Love called “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”. I’m really excited for you to hear it! You can take a listen here. Lyrics here. Pre-order Multi-Love at http://www.scdistribution.com/umo/

Cant Keep Checking My Phone is about missing somebody and that point where you refuse to accept online “connectivity” as a substitute for being with someone IRL. When someone you love turns into text and ideas delivered through a device, at some point they’re competing with real things like the aurora borealis, which is another thing that only really makes sense in the flesh. I also read somewhere that the universe might be holographic, and in that case maybe the distance between us is just an illusion. So do you fall in love with the idea of someone? Or the chemicals they give off in person? Either way, I’ve got to get off my phone.

We are also announcing some new European Tour Dates in September including stops in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We’ll also be back in Bergen in July! Full list of dates is available on the Shows page.